Colosia Fino
Dry.Pale golden in colour, with a delicate almondry aroma, dry and light on the palate and aged under "flor" for at least three
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Colosia Oloroso
Originally dry. Initially dry, amber and mohagany in colour, with a strongly fragrant aroma as its name implies.
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Colosia Cream
Sweet.Cream Sherry is an oloroso sweetened with rich Pedro Ximenez. Its colour is dark. Its aroma is round, crisp and velvety, being
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Colosia Amontillado
Dry. This is an old wine that has the particularity of having both ageing processes. It was Fino during three years and then
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Colosia Pedro Ximénez
Very Sweet.Pedro Ximénez , natural sweet wine , dark ruby in colour . Made from the partially fermented must of sunned Pedro
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Colosia Moscatel Soleado
Sweet.Moscatel Soleado, sweet wine, dark in colour . Made from sunned Moscatel grapes through the traditional system called 'pasil'
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Colosia Palo Cortado
Very Dry and OId. It is a very old wine (more than 50 years old). It was Amontillado and then passed to age for many years in a quiet
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